2014 Results

Feature Winners for August 15, 2014


Feature Winners for August 8, 2014

Sport Mod: Scott Henry

Street Stocks: Chris Howison

Modifieds: Terry Hinler

Sport Mods: Harrison Hall

Mini Sprints: Jay Dunaway

Kart Exhibition: Butch Eblin


Feature Winners for August 1, 2014

Aug 1st was the first night that JCS has ever run Karts and the turnout was great.

Kart Exhibition: Butch Eblin

Sport Mod: Harrison Hall

Mini Sprints: Jay Dunaway

Modifieds: Terry Hinkler

Street Stocks: Chris Howison

Outlaw 4s: Scott Henry


Feature Winners for July 25, 2014

Street Stocks: Chris Howison

Late Models: Ellis Cook

Outlaw 4s: Jamie Baker

Sport Mods: Harrison Hall

Mini Sprints: Jake Hessai


Feature Winners for June 6, 2014

Mini-Sprints: 1st: (4) Chris Smally

Modlites: 1st: (51) Anthony “Peanut” Helms

Outlaw 4s: 1st: (2) Jamie Baker

Street Stocks: 1st: (55) Buzz Karr

Sport Mods: 1st: (0) Steve Cruise


Featured Winners for May 24, 2014

Mod Lite: 1st: Gary Griffith

Street Stocks: 1st: Adam Jones

Outlaw 4: 1st: Zack Ackley

Sport Mods: 1st: Steve Cruise

Modifieds: 1st: Rob Stambough

Late Models: 1st: Russ Frohnafel

Mini Sprints: 1st: Chris Hawk


Featured Winners for April 18, 2014

Mod Lite: 1st: Anthony Helm 2nd: Gary Griffith 3rd: Dillon Rittenhouse 4th: Dennis Griffith 5th: Brennan Bobst 6th: Rob Eatney

Street Stocks: 1st: Adam Jones (First win as Street Stock) 2nd: Chris Howison 3rd: Buzz Carr

Outlaw 4: 1st: Terry McGrath 2nd: Zack Ackley 3rd: Dusty Gatewood 4th: Joey Johnson

Sport Mods: 1st: Tyler Smith (First Feature Win) 2nd: Tim Scarberry 3rd: Mike Brust 4th: Dustin Gilbert

Modifieds: 1st: Dillon Schaffer 2nd: Rex Frohnafel 3rd: Jeff Surber 4th: Jacob Schaffer 5th: Cliff Crank

Late Models: 1st: Russ Frohnafel 2nd: Rex Frohnafel 3rd: Jay Dunaway 4th: Roger Warren

Mini Sprints: 1st: Chris Hawk 2nd: Chris Smalley 3rd: Dustin Bogg


Featured Winners for April 11, 2014

Mod Lite: Dylan Rittenhouse

Street Stocks: Jamey Adams

Outlaw 4: Terry McGrath

Modifieds: Robert Garnes

Late Models: Russ Frohnafel

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This Saturday October 24th join us for a great night of racing and family fun!!! See you there.



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Track Records

Sprints: Josh Davis - 11.65 Late Models: Wayne Hughes - 13.08 Modifieds: Kenny Johnson - 14.21 Street Stocks: Brad Roe - 15.19

Jackson County Speedway 1245 Roberts Road Jackson, Ohio

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